Used Komori Lithrone Machine

Used Komori Lithrone Machine

Media Print & Pack is a leading supplier of used Komori Lithrone offset printing machine in India.  We are one of the oldest importer of used offset printing machines based in New Delhi, India. We have in stock a large variety of second hand reconditioned Komori Lithrone offset printing machines that are imported from North America and Europe.

All our used Komori Lithrone offset printing machines are sourced directly from the printers facility ensuring complete transparency regarding the mechanical and technical condition of the machine. We ensure that all our machines are thoroughly inspected at origin by qualified Komori Lithrone engineers before purchase. In the rare event that a machine requires replacement of any parts we are able to source them directly from Japan and installed by well qualified engineers prior to the machine coming to India.

Some of the Used Komori Lithrone Offset Printing machines we have in stock are:

  • Komori Lithrone 640 + LX Semi Autoplate
  • Komori Lithrone 440 SAPC
  • Komori Lithrone 428 / 426
  • Komori Lithrone 528 / 526
  • Komori Lithrone 628 / 626
  • Komori Lithrone SAPC

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We have an excellent working relationship with various Komori Lithrone technicians in India and also provide turn-key service including installation and A.M.C

FAQ About Used Komori Lithrone Offset Printing Machines:

AMR or Auto Make Ready is like the ‘Preset’ feature found on Heidelberg machines. The AMR allows a machine operator to auto set the paper size, paper thickness and other information on the machine console (PQC) before a new job is set-up.

The plate cocking feature allows machine operator to make circumferential adjustments to the printing plate in various units from the PQC. This is not a default feature on all machines and a standard configuration only allows for lateral and horizontal plate adjustments.

One of our recent customer who purchased a 2001 Komori Lithrone 640+LX has informed us that they are easily able to get 100,000 sheets printed per day on their press running a heavy 500gsm board.

The Komori LS was launched in 2003 and is a newer version of the Lithrone series. The Lithrone S40 features a number of new enhancements that increase flexibility and productivity to ultimately help printers improve profitability. – Advanced automated makeready features allow press operators to program makeready, washup and the next makeready from the press console, without any unproductive press time between jobs. – New automatic plate changers can change six plates in three minutes—50% faster than other plate changing systems. – The new LS automatically ramps up to 7000 sph before sheets start to feed. This new hi-start feature ensures the press is already at a stable print speed before ink hits paper, dramatically reducing makeready waste. – The LS is equipped with skeleton type transfer cylinders with venturi air pans that reduce marking and maintain perfect sheet control through the press. – Top printing speed on the new LS is 16000 sph, and the press can print on substrates from onionskin to 40 pt. board for packaging and point of purchase display applications. – The inking system on the Lithrone LS comes with oscillating form rollers in each printing unit to maximize print quality on tough ghosting jobs. All four form rollers can be quickly and easily activated in approximately two minutes. – Mist guards are installed on both sides of the inker to protect roller mechanisms from dirt, debris and misting ink. – Eccentric roller cups improve roller setting consistency and speed roller changes. No tools are required to change out rollers, reducing roller changing time by 50%. – Another new feature is remote oscillation timing from the console. Now operators can adjust the charge of ink anywhere on the sheet for each unit in 10 mm increments even when the press is operating at top speed. – The LS can also stop oscillation in any unit to preserve ink profiles during press idles. This feature is especially valuable when running expensive substrates or where absolute print quality must be maintained through a run with frequent stops. – Inking and dampening declutch mechanisms come standard on the first and last units of the LS40, for use when these units are left open. This ensures that no rollers turn in the unused units, prolonging roller life and eliminating contamination from roller lube.